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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

PMD Clean Body Review by Lexie Peterson and The Divabetic

Hey y'all!

So I just want to share my experience with the PMD Clean Body. Y'all know how much I love my PMD face devices so I just HAD to try out their new body cleansing device! There is also a video at the end of this blog if you would prefer to watch instead of read.

Quick skin-background:

I have pretty dry skin and get random eczema patches (except for my face, which is annoyingly oily). I know that diabetics are said to have really dry skin so I'm sure that is a factor. I also get acne/blackheads on my shoulders, upper back and chest randomly throughout each year.

What sparked my interest in the PMD Clean Body

was the antibacterial properties. I used to use a bamboo loofah brush for the hard to reach places and a loofah sponge to exfoliate everywhere else. I immediately trashed them after reading about all of the disgusting things that can harbor in them like dead skin cells, fungus, bacteria and even mold (even when cleansed and replaced regularly). I went to only using a washcloth which meant that I was not getting a decent exfoliation. (I did incorporate a body sugar scrub but I just felt like that was not enough for me.

The PMD Clean Body

Device info:

This cleansing device uses 7,000 vibrations per minute to break down dirt and oils, while also lifting, toning and firming the skin. It is made of silicone which makes it odor-resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and waterproof.

There are 4 modes on the device:

Mode 1 - Gentle Vibration

Mode 2 - Intense Vibration

Mode 3 - Gentle Pulsation

Mode 4 - Intense Pulsation

It is also rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about constantly replacing batteries! It also has a travel lock that you enable/disable by holding the power button for 3 seconds (think of how awkward it would be for something in your suitcase to start buzzing and vibrating lol).

My thoughts:


I do love the fact that it is antibacterial and that the regular silicone bristles are effective enough to use without the attachments if you want. The length of the brush was just right for reaching my entire back (I'm 4'11). I love that there is a handle at the bottom to hang the device. And of course, I love the fact that all of my bathroom devices match lol. This is literally a larger version of the original PMD Clean (the face device).

PMD Clean Body Review by Lexie Peterson and The Divabetic


There's only two complaints that I have for this device: the battery life and the button location.

The box says that when the device is fully charged, the light will turn off. So when first unboxing, I charged it. It only took about 20 minutes for the light to turn off. During my relaxing bubble bath, after cleansing with the "Silverscrub" attachment on Mode 1 and exfoliating with the "Polish" attachment on Mode 2, I only got a few seconds to use the "Relax" attachment for my massage on Mode 4 before the device shut off (sad face).

There is only one button. It is the power button as well as how you switch modes. It is very convenient to have this one button in an easy to reach place on the handle, where your hand naturally holds the device, but it is also annoying. While exfoliating and cleansing my body, I accidentally changed modes and turned off the device so many times. It kind of ruins the relaxation when you have to focus so hard to not press a button that is strategically placed for you to easily press it.

PMD Clean Body Attachments

PMD Body Attachments PMD Clean Body Review by Lexie Peterson and The Divabetic
Silverscrub, Polish and Relax

This device comes with three interchangeable attachments:

-Silverscrub (the loofah). Which is infused with silver, making it antibacterial.

I really love this brush! It is gentle but it exfoliates so well. It's not like typical loofahs that seem to get too soft when wet. This stays firm and is honestly what I'll use as my daily exfoliator.

-Polish (the exfoliator). This antibacterial exfoliator is comprised of aluminum oxide crystals that gently buffs away rough skin.

This is a great exfoliator for rough parts or calloused skin on body parts like the feet. It will not replace an actual pedicure or a foot file in my opinion but it is a great way to make your pedicure last longer. It is definitely too rough for me to use on my arms and legs but I will definitely use it daily on my feet.

-Relax (the massager). Okay so the marketing of this can be a little misleading. This attachment does not massage you. When you incorporate it with the vibration/pulsations of the device, you can manually massage yourself with it.

It honestly felt really great while it lasted lol. the little nodules in this attachment really allow you to massage a little deeper. I must add, that this attachment causes the device to be very loud. (You can hear it on my video below).

*The attachments are advised to be replaced. Silvercrub, monthly and the other two as needed.

Is it worth it?

I must give the disclosure that I am a PMD Insider, which means that I am part of a group where we get early access as well as discounts. This device retails for right under $200 and with my discount, I got it for $111.

This device is definitely an investment that will have reoccurring costs with the attachment replacements. (keep in mind, you don't have to use the attachments. The silicone bristles cleanse just fine!)

I am going to charge it overnight and see if the battery life is any better. If so, it's totally worth it! But if I can't get full use out of it during a bath or shower, it almost defeats the purpose of all the bells and whistles...I may as well just get a plain silicone brush and scrub with that!

I'll keep y'all updated! Be sure to check out my video below (coming soon) to actually see the device in action!


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