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PCOS & Skin

*My skincare regimen video is at the end for those who want more in depth details!


According to an article by Medical News Today :

One of the key features of PCOS is high levels of hormones called androgens. Doctors call this hyperandrogegism. Androgens play an important role in the development of acne. They cause the glands in the skin to produce an excess of an oily substance called sebum.

Acne occurs when sebum and dead skin cells build up inside hair follicles, trapping bacteria beneath the skin. This leads to inflammation and the formation of pimples.

Someone with PCOS may develop acne in various areas, including the:

  • face

  • neck

  • chest

  • upper back

My Skin Journey

Since puberty, I have always had problem skin. In my preteen/teen years, my acne was typically small, flesh-colored bumps on my forehead, and cystic acne on my chin.

My Junior year of high school

When I got to college, my acne was less consistent and I typically had small breakouts during or around my period.

My Sophomore year of college

The past year, my skin literally went CRAZY. My face was always oily with constant breakouts. My pimples were red (which I had never experienced with my brown skin) and my cystic acne seemed to make regular trips around different parts of my face. I also began to develop acne scarring.

My skin | June 2020

I tried soooooo many products and home remedies but none really worked. There were some that worked for a little while and then my skin seemed to become immune to them:

  • Clinique - the 3-Step system for oily skin

  • Laura Mercer

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (for toner)

  • Milk of Magnesia (as primer)

  • Probiotics for women


After discovering that my extremely oily skin and acne were likely to have been triggered by PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which is a hormonal imbalance, I finally had hope that I would not be plagued with this forever.

I still have not started my PCOS treatment...but my current regimen has given me entirely new skin!

My current skincare regime consists of:

  • Curology (twice a day)

  • PMD Elite Microdermabrasion (once a week)

  • PMD Clean RQ (daily)

  • Clarisonic Pro (on makeup days)

  • CBD Oil by Get Up 'N Go Naturals (one .75mL drop daily)

I honestly cannot say that all of these devices were necessary to achieve the results that I have...but I will say that I have tried the PMD and Clarisonic with other products and did not have much success in clearing my skin. In almost 3 months, my skin made the following progress:

Curology PMD Clarisonic Skincare Results
Curology PMD Clarisonic Skincare Results

My eating habits have not changed much. I eat relatively healthy. I rarely have fried foods, greasy foods or foods that contain an excess amount of added sugars. I also do not drink as much water as I should and I probably drink more wine than I should lol. So even with some of the bad habits, I have still made this progress! I am excited to see what progress I will make as I start exercising more regularly and drinking more water. Stay tuned!

Peace, love & insulin for all,

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