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Make Diabetes Your Footstool

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Divabetic | Lexie Peterson

Written 11/2019

"Make diabetes your footstool"

What on earth does this even mean? This morning during my time with God, one of the books I was reading, referenced Psalm 110:1. More often than not, Scripture does not necessarily resonate with me unless I am seeking an answer, guidance or comfort. But when I read

"...Sit at my righthand, until I make your enemies your footstool"

I began to ponder who my actual physical enemies are (luckily, I couldn't think of any people right off the bat). Then it hit me, DIABETES HAD ALWAYS

BEEN A HUGE ENEMY OF MINE. It is the cause of lots of my stress, many sleepless nights, weight gain and loss, financial strains, mood swings, worry, fear etc. Most of those things are totally against what God wants for me.

I then began to realize how much I have grown over the past 14 years as a person through my diabetes. I am often told how mature and responsible I am for my age (ofcourse, making an insulin dose decision where 1 unit too much could KILL you, at the age of 10, makes you grow up a little faster than the average 10 year old, who's biggest decision is choosing between the Powerpuff Girls or Power Rangers). However, most of my growth took place in my confidence and compliance as a diabetic.

For most of my life, I wasn't necesarily ashamed of my diabetes, but I did not feel the need to speak on it or let people know I was diabetic until they asked or happen to see me check my blood sugar. I tried to live like a "normal" teen when I was in high school, so I wasn't very compliant with taking care of myself. It seems like it happened overnight, that I got to college and decided "I want to take better care of myself" and made the necessary lifestyle changes.

August of 2018, God led me to a business conference (which at the time, I had no idea was Christian based). He put an idea on my heart to create dainty, affordable medical identification bracelets and to use them as a way to give back to the diabetes community. Then He instructed me to go outside of my comfort zone by making it known that I am diabetic (this is where I claimed the name, The Divabetic) and to speak on diabetes regularly. A year later, I am amazed to witness lives being affected as a result of obedience. So many people have become comfortable sharing their personal lives, worries or stresses concerning diabetes, with me. People ask me to pray for them. People that I have never met in real life, trust me. ME! Who am I? I am not the perfect diabetic, but I didn't need to be for Him to use me to connect with others. I have an amazing tribe of people who understand what I am going through from all over the world!

I have never felt the "why me?" feeling, regardless of how frustrating my broken pancreas has gotten. I have always believed that there is a purpose in me having diabetes. As a child, my mom told me that God was going to use my diabetes. I am now walking in my calling and it feels amazing to be a part of something so much bigger than me.

So back to my original question, what does it mean to "make diabetes your footstool"?

It means that although you're probably not proud, you do not have to be ashamed to be diabetic. A footstool elevates. It brings your feet higher than the ground. How can you stand on your diabetes? How can you rise above it? Is it simply taking better care of yourself? Sharing your experiences to encourage others? Educating people about the diagnosis? Creating a platform to connect with people? You can also stand on diabetes indirectly. For instance, diabtetics tend to be pretty good at math because we constantly calculate carbs and insulin. Use this heightened skill to start a tax business or pursue an accounting certification. Think of the strengths you have acquired throughout your journey with diabetes and build from there.

Focus on God & make diabetes your footstool.

Peace, Love & Insulin <3

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