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Kimpton Seafire Experience

Updated: May 28, 2021

Hey everyone!

So I have decided to start sharing my travel experiences as a diabetic. My first hotel review is the beautiful and luxurious Kimpton Seafire on Grand Cayman. (Video Tour below)

kimtpon Seafire
Photo from the Kimpton Seafire website

Let me start off by saying that my experience here was like NO other. As soon as I walked into the lobby, the doorman greeted me by my name (I didn't have to tell him my name). He then spoke on his headset to let the front desk know that I had arrived.

I walked to the front desk where I was greeted with a glass of Rose champagne and all of the details for my stay. Instead of leaving me to wander around and try to find the elevators, the concierge walked me to the elevators while also giving me a tour of the lobby offerings along the way. She even sent the elevator up after I had gotten on.

The bellman arrived with my suitcase shortly after I entered my beautiful room. I was BLOWN away by the "Oceanfront SPA Studio King" room. It was so bright and open. So much detail and convenience in the room like usb plugs in the night stands for phone charging, a yoga mat, bath robes, and so much more. It is TOTALLY worth upgrading to a room with a SPA bathtub. Besides the breathtaking view from my balcony, the SPA bath was my favorite room amenity.

Room service was quick and amazing! I ordered a Margherita pizza and was NOT disappointed! Every evening, the hotel has a social hour with complimentary beer or Bubbles (for those who don't drink beer). Unfortunately, I got the times mixed up and came to the lobby an hour after the social event ended. As a result, the concierge gave me another glass of champagne.

I also had a low blood sugar and was able to get a bottle of orange juice fro the concierge (free of charge). Definitely a nice accommodation for those of us living with diabetes!

Check out was super easy and probably one of the saddest days of my life lol. I never wanted to leave the Kimpton. So if you stay here, mentally prepare yourself for the hardest breakup ever!

Tour the hotel with the video below:

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